Your Guide to San Juan Capistrano
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5 Great Reasons To Move To San Juan Capistrano

It’s a whole wide world out there awaits for you. Go explore it. You might have heard these lines before, and you’ll still ache for them until you succumb to this piece of advice. Exploring a new place and trying to live a new life there can be scary. But being scared, and being brave is better than staying in your comfort zone.

Are you still looking for the best places to move to? SoCal has its doors open for you! Explore its beaches, get to know its history and fall in love with its local scene. Coming here could be the best choice you could ever make.

If you’re still thinking about the best city to consider, take a look at these 5 great reasons to move to San Juan Capistrano:

1. Vibrant Culture

San Juan Capistrano, CA, isn’t what it is now without its vibrant history. Its culture grew from it, and now, the city can’t help but attract more tourists annually. If you’re looking for a place where you’ll never run out of events to attend, arts to behold and restaurants with stories to tell, then come home to the lively vibe of this Orange County jewel.

2. Economic Strength and Stability

Moving to a scenic place is a bonus. The practical things matter so much that choosing a city to move to needs to have a strong economic status. Guess what? San Juan Capistrano offers this advantage too! Its strong economy shows in the many career options you can take.

3. Favorable Real Estate Market

Whether you want to move to San Juan Capistrano to start a career or retire here, the city’s real estate scene is attractive. The median home price in this SoCal city is 751,300. This market temperature is considered Neutral according to Zillow. If you’re looking to rent a place, its median rent price is at $3,325. With this cost, you can enjoy all the perks California life has to offer.

4. Healthy lifestyle

Healthy living goes beyond whether the locals have access to affordable, quality doctors and hospitals. It’s a good thing that San Juan Capistrano has favorable healthcare options necessary to maintain the optimum health of its residents. From mental health to other related issues, this city offers optimum health care coverage and care available to every resident.

5. Culinary Culture

San Juan Capistrano actually has a surprisingly sophisticated culinary scene. In this historic city, you can find modern European restaurants offering high end, fine dining, albeit with a laid back American style.

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