San Juan Capistrano

Your Guide to San Juan Capistrano

As a city with a great deal of history, San Juan Capistrano mirrors its Spanish architecture and culture through its homes, parks and restaurants.

Today, this city is famous for being home to swallows that migrate every year from Argentina to Mission San Juan Capistrano. One of its world-renowned festivals gives the spotlight to these birds, the Swallows Day Festival and Parade.

The Swallows Day is just one of the many highlights of local culture and tradition in San Juan Capistrano. This website aims to provide you with up-to-date information on the events, news and local dining of San Juan Capistrano.

From ways on how to get in, to the best vacation rentals to stay, from the best restaurant choices to the list of and fun things to do in San Juan Capistrano, is the answer.

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