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Pampered Porcupine

27514 Calle Arroyo Ste A, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Pricked yet pampered. That’s something you might feel when undergoing acupuncture treatment. At Pampered Porcupine, you get that relaxing feel while undergoing a good acupuncture session. They have clean, private and warm treatment rooms. You can listen to a variety of relaxing music while your aches and pains are being treated. Most people who come here often fall asleep because of their gentle and pampering touch. You’ll feel more like you’re indulging yourself at a spa clinic instead of being at an acupuncture clinic.


  • Nicole Smith

Nicole T. Smith, L.Ac. is a board-certified acupuncturist and the owner of Pampering Porcupine. She earned degrees in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as well as in Biology. Aside from being a licensed acupuncturist, Nicole has also written several books. Being an advocate of healthy eating lifestyle, she founded Skinny Genes, a website about weight loss and healthy eating.

With over a decade of acupuncture and herbal medicine experience, she has helped many people resolve various health problems. Also, Nicole has more than two decades of experience in sports medicine and nutrition. By her extensive knowledge and experience in her field, a lot of people had benefited from her tips and advice especially in achieving their weight loss goals.

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