Your Guide to San Juan Capistrano
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Best Biking Rides in San Juan Capistrano 2019

Adrenaline junkies can often include biking in trails as one of their favorite hobbies. It’s no wonder why more people are discovering the beauty of this activity. There’s always a different route for a different trail. Some can be rockier, and others have more branches and leaves. In southern California, you can find trails with various difficulty levels with their unique beauty.

When the day is clear, and you’re itching to get on your cycle, visiting San Juan Capistrano might be the best for you. As the city offers an upbeat local scene, it also welcomes thrill-seekers too.

Explore the outskirts of this town and head to the best biking rides in San Juan Capistrano. As of 2019, below are the best places to go:

San Juan Trail

You can enter the San Juan Trail at the east adjacent to the Blue Jay Campground. It climbs a very steep set of stacked switchbacks that starts from the floor of Hot Springs Canyon. Then the path traverses briefly before steeply ascending a ridge going to Sugarloaf Mountain. It’s a trail in San Juan Capistrano that stretches 11 miles long. Seekers for advanced trail level might enjoy its challenging path.

You’ll enjoy the thrill between the large boulders and chaparral. The captivating views will reward you of your effort through the trail. You’ll encounter an intersection with the Viejo Tie Trail. Then you can take junctions with the Chiquito Trail before engaging in a steep climb.

Continue to the end at the North Main Road which sits just south of Blue Jay Campground. As this trail is popular with lots of mountain bikers in San Juan Capistrano, you’re most likely to meet fellow enthusiasts at the end of the path.

Las Ramblas Trail

Las Ramblas Trail is one of the most famous hiking, biking, and horse trail in San Juan Capistrano, California. It’s 0.7 miles long and begins at 555 feet altitude. Traveling this entire trail is 1.4 miles with a total elevation gain of 221 feet. If you’re planning to enjoy a biking sesh here, know that near its trailhead lies a parking space. This trail connects with Prima Desecha Trail and Harbor View Trail.

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