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Chik-Fil-A Coming to SJC in 2020

San Juan Capistrano is another step closer to having its own Chick-fil-A by 2020 after city council approved a resolution for the company to submit construction plans for its proposed walk-up and drive-thru-only restaurant.

Beginning in summer of 2020, San Juan Capistrano residents will be able to eat chicken sandwiches and shakes from Chik-fil-A. The company has agreed to set up shop in San Juan Capistrano.

The City Council voted on Tuesday, February 6th to allow for the disposal of the old Citi Bank building located by Del Obispo Street. This will pave way for a brand new Chik-fil-A facility.

The local community has been speaking in praise of the new Chik-fil-A restaurant coming to town. The restaurant will add over 60 jobs and bring in really great sales tax figures for the city.

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