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31654 Rancho Viejo Rd, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Cloud 9 Bakers know better than anyone else when it comes to cupcakes. Their cupcakes come in various flavors that you’ll love. They have chocolate variants like strawberry chocolate or dark chocolate orange. Banana cupcakes are also available like banana strawberry or chocolate banana.
Love vanilla? Cloud 9 Bakers have vanilla cupcakes that come in different flavors, such as classic, snowflake, and strawberry shortcake. Lemon cupcakes are also a bestseller here.

Apart from their usual cupcakes, they also have seasonal cupcakes, which you can only purchase at certain times. One of their seasonal cupcakes is the Christmas Carol, a rich, moist chocolate cupcake that’s only available in December.

To order their mouthwatering cupcakes, you must first choose a cupcake type. Determine then how many you’d like to order. For regular sizes, the minimum order is 12 pieces. You must order at least 24 pieces for mini sizes. Select a cupcake base and two frostings. Then, you can call for more details and complete your order.

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