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OC Sugaring

OC Sugaring

f 92675, 30200 Rancho Viejo Rd, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, United States

Operating Hours:

Monday: Closed
Thursday: 12–7pm
Friday: 10am–5pm
Saturday: 9am–3pm
Sunday: Closed

The art of hair removal through sugaring dates back to the earliest times. In 1450 BC, sugaring was one of the only ways for hair removal. This experience symbolized wealth and power since not all people have access to it. Today, you can undergo hair removal this way anytime. For only $20 or more, you can get that eyebrow on fleek. The process is said to be less painful and trigger slower regrowth of hair. Find out more about this craze by visiting OC Sugaring now.

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