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San Juan Capistrano Police

San Juan Capistrano Police

32506 Paseo Adelanto, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, USA

Dedicated police officers maintain law and order in the city of San Juan Capistrano. These policemen make sure that people follow the rules, and criminals are caught and put to jail.

The Department Custody and Courts Command in Orange County is responsible for offering safe and secure detention facilities for lawbreakers and those entrusted to their care. Every staff in this department takes every responsibility professionally and is diligent and responsive to the citizens of San Juan Capistrano and of Orange County. They make sure that their duties are done with utmost integrity, and are always alert to keep the community safe and secure.

Criminals and lawbreakers have a place in the city, and that’s the Central Men’s and Central Women’s Jail. These detention centers were opened in November 1968 and can accommodate 1433 male inmates and 380 female inmates. The buildings have a traditional cell block and dormitory design, which house sentenced, maximum-security, and pre-trial inmates.

Though the inmates have limited access and are closely monitored, they still have access to amenities such as television, mail, telephone, local newspapers, and some groceries. Outdoor activities, health care, and special programs are also offered. Relatives and friends can also pay a visit to jail on the weekends.

Every staff here gives their utmost efforts to help improve the lives of the prisoners. Inmates can join in educational programs and religious services. Some inmates can even participate in community work, but the authorities conduct a thorough assessment first before the chosen inmates can participate in this outdoor activity.

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