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Parking in San Juan Capistrano

Parking in San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano is a place that’s full of places to see, restaurants to visit and culture to immerse. With a total area of 14.43 sq mi (37.37 km2). The community of San Juan Capistrano is mostly composed of land 14.23 sq mi (36.87 km2) and water 0.20 sq mi (0.51 km2). With many points of interests and activities to go to, it’s no wonder that San Juan Capistrano is a place to visit in Orange County.

The only question now is the parking in San Juan Capistrano.

Well, there’s no actual need to worry about the parking situation in San Juan Capistrano. There are plenty of spaces to park.

Here are places where you can park in San Juan Capistrano:

Parking Near the Amtrak Train Station

There’s a large parking area near the train station in San Juan Capistrano. They have around 108 lots to spare for you to park your car in. Also, they have divided the whole parking lot into two. The other part is for commuters, and the other part is a 24/7 parking lots for visitors and locals.

For spaces 1-73, these areas are for commuters who can leave their cars to park for $2.00 a day. You can pay for parking at a pay station located at the garage entrance.

For spaces 74 to 108, these areas are designated for visitors and locals. You can park your vehicle here for 24 hours. With just $6.00 a day, you can make sure that your car won’t run into problems because you can just leave it there up until two weeks. You can pay at the pay station located at the garage entrance.

Other Places that are fit for Parking in San Juan Capistrano

Well, anywhere is good. Let’s just remember that you can’t park in the streets or anywhere illegal. Not unless if you want your car to go to towland then, by all means, go ahead.

Seriously though here are the other places where you can park in San Juan Capistrano.

Los Rios Park

Located in Paseo Adelanto. Located in Paseo Adelanto. This park is close to the Los Rios Butterfly garden. You can park your car there for 5 hours for free while you enjoy walking through the gardens of Los Rios Park.

Mission Grill

Just a few minutes away from the Mission San Juan Capistrano is the Mission Grill and other fine restaurants where you can dine. Again, this is a public parking lot so you can park your car for 5 hours without any charge.

Swallow’s Inn

Want to experience the center of San Juan Capistrano? Then park near Swallow’s Inn. There’s a large parking space where you can park your car while you enjoy the Franciscan Gardens experience.

Veterans Park

Another place where you can park your vehicle is at the Veterans Park. If you want to visit another historical site, then this is the place for you. The Veteran’s Park is just located in front of the HTC park.

Plaza Del Obispo Shopping Center

Your San Juan Capistrano trip will never be complete not unless you go for a little bit of shopping. It’s one of the great ways to do in the shopping district of San Juan Capistrano. You can park your vehicle at the Plaza Del Obispo Shopping Center, and you’re off for a shopping spree.

So those were the places where you can park in San Juan Capistrano. There’s no need to worry because parking in San Juan Capistrano is never a problem. Indulge and create more memories while you visit San Juan Capistrano.

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