Your Guide to San Juan Capistrano
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Arroyo Park Trail

31372 Via Parra, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, USA

One of the most precious interurban trails in Orange County is Arroyo Park. Beautiful creek under a forest canopy is one of the views along the trail. Salmon are a sight as they spawn in the creel during the fall. Walking or just sitting by the area is considered a relaxing activity for the visitors.

If you’re bringing your dog to Arroyo Park, there’s a designated Dog Off-Leash Area. You may call them to know more about the regulations.

Parking spaces are available along Old Sammish Road near Chuckanut Drive. Before you use or reserve Arroyo Park facilities, make sure to be familiar with the list of high-impact events and how they can affect your activities.

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