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With today’s social media scene, aesthetics have become a common theme for an attractive feed. This factor might be the reason why poke bowls are such a hit today. Their colorful presentation and delicious goodness make them a headline. Moreover, its yummy flavors are becoming known to many.

This customizable dish is a Hawaiian favorite. They say that in this state, pokes are everywhere. From roadside stands to gas stations, they’re readily available.

Poke is Hawaiian for ‘to cut or to slice.’ Some people say that it’s the next generation of sushi, but easier to eat. With a good bowl of rice topped with vegetables and unique sauces, you’ve got yourself happiness in a bowl. If you want to experience some of the best servings of poke in SoCal, you can try grabbing poke in San Juan Capistrano. See the details below for more information:

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