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Cal South Pools

25851 Avenida Mariposa, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

CalSouth POOL & SPA SERVICES is your partner in pool cleaning in San Juan Capistrano and the whole of Southern California. You can be sure that your pool is in good hands with their team.

CalSouth Pools and Spa only uses safe chemicals (chlorine, acid, algae eliminators) for regular maintenance. If your pool needs more service, an additional charge may be applied like animal/rodent infestation or construction debris. Aside from pool cleaning solutions, they also offer repair and installation services.

Here’s what they do for a regular cleaning appointment:

1. Clean tile
2. Empty skimmer baskets
3. Skim debris off the surface
4. Empty pump basket
5. Remove debris from the bottom
6. Vacuum the base
7. Brush sides when needed
8. Analyze & add necessary chemicals
9. Backwash filter as necessary
10. Check equipment for proper operation

Call or send them an email today for a free estimate of the cost of the services you plan to avail of.

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