Your Guide to San Juan Capistrano
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Retire in San Juan Capistrano

After your long career of working comes to an end, you deserve the peace and quiet of a safe city like San Juan Capistrano. Here you can live a relaxed, laid back lifestyle within South Orange County. San Juan Capistrano is considered by many to be a place where the little things in life can be enjoyed more often than not.

Make your retirement worthy and fun in a city that’s ready to give you what you deserve. It may be a smaller city compared to other OC cities, but the local charm and character of the boutique shops and restaurants will make you feel like you stepped into a sleepy Western town of the early 1900s.

Here are some reasons why retiring in San Juan Capistrano is a great decision for people who want everything that Southern California offers.


If you want to live in a neighborhood where you feel like you belong in a big family, San Juan Capistrano has a 55+ adult community called San Juan Hills. This neighborhood has about 182 homes approximately, with many resale homes available. Only adults aging from 55 and older can live in the community. There are beautiful houses here perfect for retirement with prices ranging from $500 to $700. With a backdrop to the scenic Ortega mountains, you can enjoy some fresh air away from the hustle and bustle.  


If you or your senior family member needs more assistance in their everyday lives, there are also assisted living facilities in San Juan Capistrano. These facilities will help seniors retire the convenient way. Most of these facilities take care of their medication management and help them engage in several activities with fellow seniors. It also comes with several programs, and some might even tailor a program just for you or your senior family member.

Also, these facilities will help keep seniors feel relaxed as they’re usually surrounded with lush gardens and clean landscape.


San Juan Capistrano has several hospitals that use state of the art technologies. Not only that, but they also have skilled medical practitioners. They offer quality healthcare services to elders.


One of the best things about retiring in San Juan Capistrano is that there are nearby airports. Seniors can easily visit other cities, or their loved ones can visit them because airports are just 20-30 minutes away. John Wayne airport is located about a 20 minute drive up the 405. The airport offers round trip flights to almost anywhere in the USA. If you can’t find a flight into John Wayne Airport in Irvine, CA then you can drive about 30 minutes more to reach the infamous LAX airport. LAX offers international flights and is considered one of the biggest airports in the world.


Seniors can easily enjoy outdoor activities due to the consistent weather options year around. You or your senior family member will not get cranky indoors. Doctor appointments won’t also get canceled because of a bad weather. It’s always good to feel the sunshine on your face, right?


If you’re craving for Mexican, French, or Chinese food, there are many nearby restaurants that offer different fares in San Juan Capistrano. There are also restaurants that offer healthy options. This is Southern California right? But if you’re up for some treat every once in a while, you can dine in a nearby steakhouse or ice cream parlor. San Juan Capistrano has a great variety of restaurants to suit almost any appetite.


There are many accessible beaches close by when you choose to retire in San Juan Capistrano. Such popular beaches as Doheny State Beach and Salt Creek are some of the best beaches in Orange County and a close 10 minute drive away from San Juan Capistrano. At almost all the local beaches, you can enjoy swimming in the ocean, paddleboarding or just enjoying the warm sand and getting a tan.

Retiring shouldn’t be a sad and lonely journey. There are so many things to do and love when you choose to retire in San Juan Capistrano. Enjoy all the free time you have in doing all the things you love while staying healthy. Have a fun and fulfilling retirement journey and we hope you consider retiring in San Juan Capistrano.

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