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Safety Tips For Planning a Family Trip to San Juan Capistrano

So you’re planning a family trip to one of Southern California’s great cities, San Juan Capistrano, and everyone’s giddy about it! However, having children on a trip can take a lot of preparations. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push through with your plan.

You have to prepare some safety precautions to have a safe and fun vacation with the rest of the family.

To make the most out of your vacation in San Juan Capistrano, here are some safety tips for planning a family trip in this historical city in Orange County.


  • Check travel insurance. When you’re traveling with your family, always make it a habit to check if your current health insurance offers coverage abroad. Then find the hospitals affiliated with your insurance.

Travel insurance guarantees financial coverage for anything that might occur during your vacation. Accidents are inevitable, and it’s better to know you’re covered if they do happen.

  • Prepare a copy of important documents and other relevant information. Make sure to travel with copies of everyone’s passports and any other relevant documents. You can scan birth certificates and insurance information. Prepare hard copies and soft copies on your email or cloud storage. Some people also recommend traveling with a recent photo of your kids.
  • Choose safe accommodations. One of the major expenses when you plan a trip to San Juan Capistrano and other cities is accommodation. Don’t sacrifice your family’s safety for a cheaper rate hotel. Look for an ideal family-friendly accommodation by checking reviews and amenities.

If you’re worried, you can ask the hotel directly for their security measures, so you’re at ease while sleeping or exploring outside.

  • Plan a child-friendly itinerary. Family trips are all about your kid’s happiness. In San Juan Capistrano, you can easily plan a child-friendly route where you can have fun as well. After all, we’re all kids at heart.
  • Here are some of the child-friendly spots in San Juan Capistrano you can include in your itinerary:
    • Zoomars
    • Los Rios Historic District
    • Las Ramblas Trail Head
    • Mission San Juan Capistrano
  • Check for weather conditions. Heavy rain is a bummer when you’re on vacation with your family. So before everything else, spare some time to check the weather forecast on the planned dates.
  • Pack a medical kit. Always have a handy medical kit around when you’re on a family trip because kids will be kids. Pack your bag with the basics like Band-Aid strips, a disinfectant spray, and painkillers. Customize what you need for the whole family.


  • Decide on a designated meeting area. Before going into crowded spots, decide on a designated meeting area in case someone gets separated. Pick a place that’s easy to access with large markings or posters.
  • Secure contact information in your kids. Kids can be a bit handful. In case they get separated from you, make sure they have your contact information with them. It can be business cards, email addresses, and phone numbers. You can write it in a piece of paper or a wristband.

San Juan Capistrano has a lot in store for families who want to have a fun and safe vacation. Plan out your next family trip here. Make sure to take down all the safety tips for planning a family trip in San Juan Capistrano!

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