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San Juan Capistrano Attractions for Kids: Community Parks

As parents, you do what’s best for your children. You let them be children – running about, eating, sleeping and playing. These are vital parts of their development. You also need to make them feel loved, happy and be in good health. Exposing them outside the four walls of your house also helps them to develop their social skills. Family trips, picnics, and other outdoor activities don’t only give fun for your kids, but every family bonding time can create a healthy family relationship.

One of the best places to do an outdoor family activity is the park. In San Juan Capistrano, you and your children can have picnics, play games, and enjoy a good walk around its community parks.

Los Rios Park

In addition to its location in the historic Los Rios area, the Los Rios Park in San Juan Capistrano offers a great recreational place for the family. This park is close to the Zoomars Petting Zoo. The site looks like the Wild West with its telephone pole horses and a playground made of dark wood with iron accents. There are also huge climbing boulders where your kids can enjoy.

You can find sycamore trees that provide shade for the benches and the picnic tables. This is truly a family-friendly park as it mostly contains almost everything a family needs at a recreational place.

Other amenities:

Picnic tables
New restrooms with key code locks
Drinking fountains
Parking area

Reata Park

Along the Ortega Highway and the Antonio Parkway, you can find a protected open recreational place. The Reata Park may not have a playground, but it has lovely gardens and an arboretum with oak and sycamore trees that offer enough shade in the area. There’s no entrance fee too! As you drive in the gate, turn to the left, and you can find the parking area. Also near this place is the picnic area.

You can find the Arboretum to the left and the Welcome Center to the right when you pass across the farm building. The Welcome Center used to be the historic Ramos Ranch House. There are big sycamore trees around the area, too.

Exploring the gardens here by hiking or biking is fun. There are footpaths and bike paths available for you. Opposite to the bike path is the main garden. You and your kids can have an enjoyable stroll around the gardens and enjoy the beauty of nature. The sight of flowers and plants can inspire you to give your yard a new look. You could also find lovely butterflies flying around while you walk through the park.

Other amenities:

Event center
Parking lot
Bike path
Picnic area

Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park

The Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness Park lies among the sandstone canyons of the Santa Ana Mountain. You can bring your children here and let them enjoy watching the beautiful valleys with its natural resources, and wildlife. You’ll have a grand time exploring this 8,000-acre park. Take a walk in the countryside or hike, camp, have a picnic and experience one of the most beautiful parks in Orange County.

San Juan Capistrano community parks aren’t only recreational areas where families can have good outdoor activity. These are also attractions in San Juan Capistrano where kids can learn and enjoy. Book your reservations and have a great family outing in any San Juan Capistrano Park.

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