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American (or Your Company) Idol

Pump up the audience for the incoming festivities in store for them. Flash the lights and let the American Idol theme blare.

Put the groups into teams. Each of them will be assigned a well-known song. They’ll then be asked to rewrite their respective songs. Specific words and phrases need to come into the lyrics.

Ideally, company-specific terms and inside jokes should be included. Set the amount of time for them to rehearse their new version of the song. It would help if the teams had a dangerous member so that the rest of the members will be guided with the dance steps.

Stage wigs, hats, and costumes should be used as props to enhance their performances. One team at a time, let them perform their unique musical interpretation of their respective well-known song.

After each performance, have the judges to have humorous feedback. The judges should be ‘celebrities.’ When all the groups have performed, the judges will crown one band that will be tagged as ‘(Company Name) idols.’ Present the awards and call it a lovely day for the whole team.

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