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Culinary Team Building

It’s known that food brings people together. How about cooking a meal together? Yes, this is also a better way to build camaraderie between your team members. Have an event that let them bake and break bread together. You can give them make Salsa & Guacamole or compete in a Mixology or Iron Chef Challenge.

Start this indoor team building activity by gathering the members into teams. Each team will prepare their dishes in their designated preparation area complete with a blender, bowls, cutting boards, knives, etc. Other tables that are full of ingredients. The teams can get their ingredients there that they consider using for their recipes.

Before the cooking proper, you can also let the teams compete in a variety of short and entertaining cooking-related challenges. Having a ‘name that tune’ game that uses songs with a food or drink in the title is also a good idea. You can also ask the teams to arrange ten peppers in order. The ‘hottest’ will come first down to the least hot.

You can also have games related to Oreo cookies. The winning team in the challenge will get to pick their ingredients first. The second place will choose next and so forth.

After the cooking challenge, each team also need to come up with a 30-second presentation about their creations. During their performances, an artsy table will be set for them to use.

Allot 1 hour for the teams to prepare for their presentations. The teams will also have the chance to taste their competition’s culinary creations. After the tasting spree, the teams will then cast their votes to choose the best dish or drink.

Tally the scores and award the winners as they eat, drink and merry with their new-found bond with their co-members!

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