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Flugtag! Team Building Event

Gather the teams and call for a fight of their lives. As they arrive at the event, they should welcome by sound effects of airplanes. An announcer then welcomes them to Flugtug! The name of the game means “Flight Day” or “Air Show” in German.

The teams will receive a set of materials and tools. They can use them to build their very own airplanes. The planes will be hurled from a Flugtag device onto the tarmac. Aside from the building materials, they’ll also choose an Action Figure. The teams will use them as pilots!

Some planes might crash, while others might fly twenty or thirty feet. Each team will be judged on several criteria. The Distance, Style, and Accuracy will then be calculated. All the teams will be given a bullseye on the tarmac in anticipation of where the teams think their pilot will land.

As this event will challenge your creativity and team spirit, it will also be best for your stomach muscles. Laughing hard is on the way!

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