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Room Escape

For a next level team building activity for your group, you can have real-life escape games. This game combines real adventure with a mental challenge. It works by locking the teams in a room, and they have to use elements of the room to solve a fun series of puzzles, find clues and finally escape the room. Limited time will be given to them.

This game is based on “Escape the Room” video games. The player in this game gets to explore his or her surroundings to escape the given situation. One example is when a group comes across with a box that requires a passcode to open. They can also be encountering a door that needs a key. As they search the room, they can be able to figure out the codes successfully. As they open all the locked containers and find all hidden objects, they can work their way to the next room or freedom.

You can set up this game in your convention space or even at a hotel. Adapt this fame by doing the following:

Lock in your group in a room. Their mission is to escape by solving a variety of riddles, clues, puzzles, and tests.

If they can’t solve the puzzles, there’s no need to fret. This isn’t a horror movie where they can get locked in forever. Let the teams know that even if they get stuck, they’ll be out after a certain amount of time. It usually takes 60-90 minutes. If the group doesn’t manage to escape, the organizers can butt in after the event to explain the solution.

After the game, award the prizes to the successful escapists and continue with other fun and engaging indoor team building games.

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