Your Guide to San Juan Capistrano
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When to Visit San Juan Capistrano

When to Visit San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano is a place that’ll surely fill you with sights and culture. This place is teeming with history and at the same time restaurants to dine out, too. Aside from the historic charm this city brings to the Orange County, its beaches are also the best things to experience. There’s no doubt that this place is a must-go.

The only question now is that, when to visit San Juan Capistrano. So here’s a comprehensive article for you to know the perfect days to visit San Juan Capistrano.

Weather Temperatures in San Juan Capistrano

Average temperatures in San Juan Capistrano varies from time to time. The warmest season in San Juan Capistrano is in July August, and then September.

The warmest time of year in San Juan Capistrano is early to mid-September, where highs are regularly at around 78.1°F (25.6°C) with temperatures rarely drops below 64.8°F (18.2°C) at night. Here’s a graph on average monthly temperatures below.

Precipitation Levels in San Juan Capistrano (Rain or Snow)

If you’re after dry weathers, then the months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation in San Juan Capistrano are June, July, and September. Note that ‘significant precipitation’ is equivalent to 0.1 inches or more. The lowest chance of rain or snow happens around early to mid-January.

What’s even more beautiful is that there’s no snow in San Juan Capistrano. That’s if you’ve had too much of snow from where you’re residing.

Humidity and Wind Averages in San Juan Capistrano

There are some humid days in San Juan Capistrano. The least humid month is January with 52.3% relative humidity, and the most humid month is July that can reach around 70%.

The winds in San Juan Capistrano usually is calm. Its windiest month is in April, with an average wind speed of around 7.1 knots (8.2 MPH or 13.1 KPH), followed by May and June.

The Busiest and Least Crowded Months

This section is the most important thing you need if you’ll visit somewhere. It’s essential to know which months have the most number of tourists. Knowing so can give you leverage on booking your flight, planning your itinerary and saving up on cash.

The busiest month for tourism in the city usually occurs in March, June, and July. Flights and hotel prices will be very high during these months, though you can still save if you’ve made your purchase well in advance.

Tourists are also most unlikely to visit San Juan Capistrano in December. If you’re willing to visit the city in this month, it’ll be the least expensive month to visit, too.

Overall San Juan Capistrano Seasons

1. (Spring) March to May

Humidity and temperatures in this season are moderate. This season is the second busiest for tourism in San Juan Capistrano, which is an ideal season to look for things to do.

2. (Summer) June to August

The middle-year months in San Juan Capistrano has very comfortable weather. This season is the busiest times for tourism so everything may cost more when you come and visit. Not unless you’ve made arrangements months prior your trip.

3. (Fall) September to November

Fall season daily highs may range from 25.6°C and 9.4°C, which will feel very comfortable given the humidity and wind. Good day also to catch some monster waves at the beach. Tourist activities are also reasonably slow during this season due to the weather so that the hotels may be lower priced.

4. (Winter) December through February

These times of year in this city are the slowest with tourists. Weather is somewhat chilly this time of year in San Juan Capistrano. This kind of weather may be enjoyable for warm weather travelers.

So those were some facts on when to visit San Juan Capistrano. What are you waiting for? Plot your plans and have the blast you wanted.

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