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Admit it: choosing the right bottle of wine can be a bit overwhelming. We frequently find ourselves scanning several bottles hoping to find a brand new yet satisfying fill in your soul, yet we end up with the same choices. Majority of wine lovers know only the basic things about it.

There are many things we think we should consider making sure we buy the best quality of wines. Should it be the one with the cap or the cork? Cut the crap and know everything you need about wines by joining wine tasting classes in San Juan Capistrano.

Here are a few important things when attending a wine tasting class:

  • The buckets you see in the room are not for cooling. It’s a spitting bucket and yes, spitting wine you just tasted is accepted.
  • Don’t think that you should be guilty of not emptying a glass of wine. That leftover wine can make you drunk and act foolishly.
  • One important sense in our body when tasting wines is our sense of smell. Wine tasting attendees are advised not to wear any perfume to avoid interfering with other attendees sense of smell.

Be a wine master by attending these wine tasting classes in San Juan Capistrano.

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